Semalt Suggests Web Scraping Tools For Data Extraction

The web scraping or data extraction tools are specifically designed to extract useful information from the Internet. They are also known as web harvesting programs and are beneficial for anyone trying to gather data from different web pages. There is a large number of tools that help extract data and organize it in a better way. You can use these programs to collect information about different products, their prices, and can grow your business on the Internet. Some of the web scraping tools and software are pricey, while the others cost you nothing. Using them, you can pull information from websites, work on different databases and organize the data instantly.

Let us check out the list of 3 useful web scraping tools for data extraction.

1. Scraping Expert

You can use Scraping Expert to extract, organize and structure information of different websites. It is one of the most famous data extraction programs and is suitable for commercial and non-commercial users. A lot of enterprises and webmasters choose Scraping Expert due to its unique features and plenty of options. If you wish to obtain some client-specific data and want to boost your site's performance, you should try Scraping Expert. Information is accessible in a variety of formats. It scrapes data from social media, news outlets, travel portals and stock exchange sites.

2. Uipath

Uipath is widely famous for its machine learning technology and is a great web data extraction and screen scraping tool. It is ideal for both coders and non-coders and will effortlessly surpass the basic data extraction challenges. You can perform a variety of tasks using Uipath, scrape different websites and PDF documents, obtain information from images and can save the data in your hard drive. You can also computerize the clicking catches, form filling and other similar tasks with Uipath and don't need to have programming skills. This tool peruses different types of data on the screen, and the results are obtained in the form of JS, Silverlight, and HTML. Uipath also helps crawl your websites in search engines and is a bit expensive for individuals and startups. You should use this program only when you have an established online business and want to scrape heavy websites.

3. is one of the best and top-notch data extraction tools on the Internet. You can take advantage of its different properties, and it is a great alternative to Kimono and other similar web scraping programs. It will demonstrate an unmistakable diagram of the data based on your requirements and expectations. You just need to highlight the data and insert some keywords and let does it work. You can rub the URLs one by one and monitor the quality of scraped data. exports your useful data to Google spreadsheets, saving a lot of time and energy. You can expect it to scrape over 10,000 web pages in twenty minutes depending on their complexity and length. The most amazing thing is that comes free of cost and is perfect for non-programmers.